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iGame manages a variety of popular online gaming sites. Our purpose is to provide pure excitement through real money games that are safe and easy to use.

Whether it’s our hyper local casino sites or one of our international gaming sites, we strive to provide the best service and a great overall experience for our customers from the minute they log in. A perfect example of this is our customer support team, also known as the WOW Team:


“We have to use our crystal ball to find out what the problem really is, and then use our magic wand to fix it. This gives our customer the “WOW!” feeling and is exactly the impression we want to create.”

Pia, Customer Care Team Leader


Today our diverse group of iGamers consists of nearly 130 individuals from several nationalities. Our offices in Malta, Estonia and Serbia are good examples of diverse and multilingual workplaces, where team approach plays an important role.

We support personal and professional development to keep our employees driven.  After all, we understand that behind every successful product is a team of happy and efficient individuals.

iGame is part of the Unibet Group.


iGAME company values


Positive energy

Our positive energy comes from the people! It’s the fuel that makes us more creative, united and successful.

We believe that by having the right focus and concentrating on the positive, we can grow individually and as a team. This will provide the foundation for building exciting products and to achieve great results.

Our positive energy drives excellent customer service – surprising and delighting our customers time and again, and building genuine relationships with them.



We take pride on being reliable. We always treat our customers, partners and colleagues fair. We make sure to keep our word never making false promises and always deliver.


Being yourself

We are not all the same, but that’s
the magic of it!

We take pride in our colleagues being genuine individuals and value the freedom it creates between us. Being free to speak your mind
and staying true to your own beliefs is highly valued in our office.


Keep Growing

The key to success is to keep growing; not only as a company but also on personal level.

At iGame we take a structured approach to professional development in order to keep our employees driven and committed. We believe that you can build on failure and use it as a stepping-stone, mistakes are part of taking challenges and should be perceived as a learning point. Our value “keep growing” consists of training, professional and personal development as well as growing within the organization.

We have set aside a budget for each iGamer for courses and further training that supports professional growth.



iGame is proud to operate a wide range of popular and well known brands for different products and markets. Get to know them all by clicking the pictures.





Today our diverse group of iGamers consists of over 100 individuals from several nationalities. Our offices, located in St. Julian’s, Malta and Tallinn, Estonia, are good examples of diverse and multilingual workplaces, where team player attitude and co-operative skills play a big role.


At iGame we strongly believe in low-hierarchy structure and in open and fun company culture. After all, we understand that behind every successful product is a team of happy and efficient individuals.


We value self-development and therefore we make sure that every year our employees are offered the best education and training available. We also advise our team to pursue growth and learning, both inside and outside the office.





The team that plays together, stays together!


This applies to iGame’s company benefits as well. We take the time to bond outside work by organizing monthly get-togethers, team activity days, by dining out, celebrating and even occasionally travelling together.


Each iGame employee has the opportunity to custom build one’s own benefit package on a yearly basis.



Interested in joining our team? Every iGame employee plays an important role on the way to the very top of our game, and we’re always looking for new talents. If you can handle multiple interesting projects and believe you would be a perfect fit for our team of go-getter professionals, we want to hear from you! Check out our open positions below and within the whole Unibet Group by clicking here



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